We’re Engaged!!


Can I just say, post engagement, it is SUPER DUPER hard to focus on anything productive? I just want to go around showing off my shiny ring and yell at people, ‘I’m GETTIN’ MARRRIEEED!’ 🙂


Oh, all the happy feelings! But alas, adulting and responsibilities pause for no one and quite honestly, I LOVE being able to share this happy news on my blog, and continue building my business. Getting back to blogging feels like coming home, I can’t express the amount of creative joyous energy I feel flow through me when I’m writing, sharing, creating, connecting. It’s that desired state we all search for when it comes to ‘working’.

Anyway, WHAT really MATTERS today is that not only have I found and attracted the man of my dreams, convinced him to move to Southern California a year ago, but he’s decided that I’m pretty groovy too and he wants to spend his life loving me and kissing my dogs. And I’m pretty damn over the moon about that.

For those of you who don’t know us personally, or maybe have witness our love story unfold over the last 1.5 years via social media, I’ll give you some background.

I met Daniel at a seminar for online business training. He flew out to LA alone, and I drove up with some of my teammates. It was Day 1 of the 3 day weekend session, and I got up from my seat to find food (of course). I was on my phone, with my head down, and walking to the exit sign, when I noticed someone walking towards me, so I looked up. If you’ve never experienced your heart skipping a beat when you see someone, its my true wish you do. His warm smile captivated me, but I played it cool because I’m smart. However, I can only imagine now looking back how my face must have gave away my girly excitement because I have the WORST poker face in the world. I was probably grinning like a big goof ball. It was then I decided I’d avoid this handsome stranger. Because that just made sense. Focus on work. Focus. Sure.

Later that weekend, my friend Lisa and I decided to use the hotels gym before the next day’s lesson. I was rocking my Lord Voldemort shirt and ready to get a good workout in. Except when I walked in, I saw the handsome stranger again. I know he noticed me before and I am SO glad he had the guts to come over and say hi. We struck up a 2 minute ‘so why are you here? What company are you with?’ conversation and then parted ways.

Before the end of the weekend he sat beside my team and I, now the next part is debatable depending on who you ask, but if you want the truth, read on. He asked us (yes, smart move, collective and passive) to exchange Facebook so we could stay accountable to what we learned and our goals (isn’t he the cutest). So thank you to Facebook, you kept us in touch.

Over the next year and a half most of our conversations were about books, personal growth, our goals, and giving the passive ‘thumbs up’ like to each others posts. It was a surface level friendship with admiration for each others mindset and beliefs. I was happy to have Daniel as a friend, he was my proof that really great guys were out there. Being that he was in Jersey and I was in California, it didn’t cross my radar our friendship would transpire to much more.

So when he offered to take me to a platonic dinner while he was visiting LA, I said no. Right, I know, major face palm, but I was newly single, and didn’t want to confuse my tender heart anymore. But because he’s persistent and smart, he asked me again when he came back for another visit. This time I said yes. I will never forget the day he came. I was on Cloud9, a total nervous wreck, insanely excited and shaking when I saw him. I’ll never forget him getting out his rental car after driving 5 hours from LA to San Diego just to have dinner.

That is a night I will never forget. The next day, as he walked away to head back up to LA to fly back to Jersey, I knew then I could not let him go. Sad to see him go, I went to my moms house to hang out, and told her half jokingly, ‘Mom, I met the man I’m going to marry’. I’m sure she thought I was bat shit crazy, but she was only half paying attention to me anyway.

That began our long distance relationship. From there its truly history and a love story I’m so glad is OURS. Daniel is my Prince Charming who not only sets an example of characteristics I admire most like patience, caring for others, balance, and thinking and dreaming big, but he’s also become quite the dog lover, which is a huge must in my book.

And here’s one of my FAVORITE parts about our love story.. right before he came out to visit, and in the midst of a really sad time in my life, I was reading a book about dating, break ups, and how to win at the game of love. The book suggest you write down EVERY quality and characteristic you would want in a partner, so I did. Looking back at that list, Daniel is all that and so much more.

It’s easy to sing his praises when I know I’ve found my soul mate.

Enjoy the pictures, more to come!

In health, love and transformation,


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  1. So happy for you both and honored to call you my friends! Just curious… What book were you reading that told you to write down the characteristics you wanted in a mate?

  2. Elizabeth Casci

    Congratulations, Abby and Daniel! Can’t say I didn’t see it in your future. You two are good together!

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