An Abundant 2017.

Well, here we are folks. Whether 2016 felt like the old hit TV show WipeOut! or a home run, the past does not equal the future (thank you Tony Robbins). To a lot of you, that’s a huge sigh of relief. The New Year marks the beginning of Tabula Rasa for the next 365 days. And you BEST believe I’m all IN.

I want to share something that became a daily practice of mine in the last 8 months. This small and seemingly inconspicuous habit illuminated dark times, helped me stay more present in the NOW, and made me realize how much I have to be grateful for.

Not only that, but this habit helped me let go of what no longer served me, what I was outgrowing, revealed to me what I truly desired, and started to attract all the things I needed and wanted with more clarity than ever.

Sounds pretty good right? It is. And it’s SO SO simple, you can start TODAY, January 1st 2017. And it will change your ENTIRE year. And in 2018, you can look back on it with awe struck wonder and amazement at how much you have grown and changed into the woman (or man) you’ve been wanting to become.


Ok let’s do this.

What you will need:

Pen and a notebook.

Dat’s it.

What you do.

On one page, write at the top ‘ PRESENT’ and on the next page or back of this page write ‘FUTURE’.

And under each page, write down ONE thing (yes, just ONE) you are grateful for RIGHT now in this very moment and then one thing you are grateful for in the future. Now that may seem odd to you, and maybe you’ve never even considered what you would be grateful for in the future, but I can promise you that this small half of the puzzle will create BIG results in your life.

Here’s how:

After building my first network marketing business with a fitness company and leading a sizable team of amazing people, I was taught all kinds of new skills. From social media to personality types to editing photos and videos.

However, I have to say, one of the MOST important skills I learned wasn’t necessarily a tactical or strategic business building skill. It was more of an emotion I needed to create MORE of, and that emotion is GRATITUDE.

By being more aware of what I was already grateful for, I realized the abundance I already had. Once I realized how abundant I already was, and the more I focused on it, the more I attracted MORE abundance and goodness in my life… and the gratitude became a magnet for good things.

Now that doesn’t mean challenges and obstacles aren’t around the corner, because they are, but they are there to help reveal the lessons that will mold you into the person you are meant to be and truly are. For me, these lessons sometimes came in heart ache, but gave me the compassion to start a book club for women who were experiencing what I was going through so I show up in more compassionate way. Sometimes these lessons were financial and I had to examine where I was being too greedy or lackadaisical with my money and it made me become more fiscally responsible.

So in the year 2017 while you are using your Gratitude Journal, don’t be afraid to be grateful for the tough times because these challenging moments are the ones we can attest as being the catalyst for our biggest growth spurts.

Also. Being grateful for what’s to come is key. It’s like saying ‘Hey God! Universe! Here I am, I am blessed and I’m so grateful that __ and ___ are headed my way!’ What you put out there comes right back. #Karma

Can you imagine someone starting the engine of a boat, not getting in it but hoping it leaves the marina? No! Get in that boat, set a destination, use the God given faith that’s within you and be grateful for the journey ahead.

I can tell you that doing this small daily practice has helped me gain clarity on my coaching career, starting my own business, and revealed to my fiancé and I are our new town home. True story.

The picture below is the MORNING of finding our new place. Funny story about that, we were on our last leg of patience trying to find a complex that would allow two big dogs (we rent), had a garage, and two bedrooms. But that morning before we even left to go look again, I decided to get REAL grateful and CLEAR on what we wanted and needed for our new chapter. Not even 6 hours later and on our LAST tour of complexes did we find our now home. #TRUTH

&& here’s the new digs <3

Happy Journaling and Happy New Year! XO.

Abby Marie