My Eyebrow Microblading Experience(s)

So yes, I’ve had my eyebrows microbladed, twice. That may sound odd to some of you, since microblading is known more as ‘eyebrow tattooing’ but it’s really not. So as much as they’d seem permanent, I find just about nothing in life is, included microblading. However, the reason for my 2nd microblading appointment was NOT because my brows faded, it was because I wasn’t totally satisfied the first time with where I went, the final shape and color. Which I will explain shortly how you can find your artist and have the best results possible.

I’ve had a LOT of people ask me about my brows, and let me just say quite humbly, THANK YOU! I use to have some whack eyebrows mmkay?! I’m talking far apart, sparse, over plucked brows from my early years in 6th grade when thin brows were all the rage and I had some bushy long brows. Funny how fads come and go, and you wish you hadn’t messed with your natural look. I’d do anything to get my baby brows back, but alas, here I am and totally happy with my 2nd experience getting microbladed.

Funny enough, I also had someone ask me what microblading meant, and if it was miniature roller blading. I had to giggle at that.

First things first ladies, microblading is NOT like getting a tattoo. If you have a tattoo and know the sound of the tattoo gun, this is NOT that, so go ahead and let that sigh of relief out. That sound makes me want to run and hide, although I love a new tattoo.

Second, where you go and who you go to is SUPER important, so do your due diligence. My first experience as I mentioned above was GOOD but not GREAT. When I first discovered microblading in 2015, I scoured Youtube for before and afters. It wasn’t as popular then as it is now and it’s actually been around much longer than we realize. I am in Southern California so I went to see the only person I could find closest to me. While she is a well known artist in the Beverly Hills area, and very talented, I felt that she did the shape and color SHE thought was best. She told me it was “the MOST natural and that I could just fill it in when and where I wanted for special occasions”.  Well the whole point of getting my brows bladed was to NOT fill them in, to quote ‘#WakeUpLikeDis’ end quote.

And I say that with the upmost kindness because I believe that any professional in the beauty industry wants to do their best to make their client happy, however self imposed opinions and forced recommendations on the client isn’t appreciated. Communication with your artist on an agreed style, color and shape is key. If you aren’t happy with the end result, YOU are the one paying for it.

Albeit, being my first time, I listened and figured that modesty is a better approach. I’ve seen girls with actual tattooed eyebrows and it’s quite scary. So I got my brows done for the first time in May 2015 and LOVED them. I paid $600. I have naturally oily combo skin so I felt that my color and shape faded much faster. I also didn’t have the skin care routine I do now to help control the oil production. At your appointment your artist will (and should) include a after care treatment guideline to follow with Do’s and Don’ts — like DO keep your brows moisturized with a certain type of oil and DON’T go in a jacuzzi or sauna. That kind of thing.



After a few weeks I went back for my touch up which was another $50 (yes, doing this is quite pricey) and again, loved the look. After a few months though, I noticed my brow color and shape wasn’t as prominent, which is to be expected. So I decided to call her back and ask if I could come in for a touch up to darken and add more shape to my brows. I drove from San Diego to LA for my appointment only to be told that it was too soon and I’d have to wait a YEAR. What THE F?! Are you kidding? Irritated, I turned around and decided that I would NOT be coming back.

The First Time and Review:

Being that I just invested $650 plus TIP on my brows, I wasn’t about to drop another $500+ again. I gave it some time and in Nov. 2016, I decided it was time to get them done again, but by someone else. Granted, my brows in the above photo look, but freshly bladed eyebrows always do. Also, fresh brows are always much darker for the first 10 days and once the scabbing is complete, you can see your true color and shape. If your artist is good, then it should not be too far off. So I suggest going a shade darker the day of so your color lasts longer. It’s not uncommon to go back for touch ups once a year.

This time I did another search on Yelp and happily found out that many more artists were in the San Diego area. Delighted, I texted a few of them, all of whom were solid booked for MONTHS.

Damn, microblading got popular FAST. Then one artist who was booked suggested another, my girl, NANCY! Hollaaaa at ya girl! Nancy is my official brow lady. Ladies, there is NOTHIN like having a woman who knows her brow shapes and who can communicate clearly with you the color, shape and look you are going for.

Not only is Nancy sweet and talented, she made me feel comfortable, understood and explained the small differences in the photos I showed her of the brows I liked so I could decide FOR myself which one I liked best for ME! That is KEY! Also, as a major BONUS she was $100 cheaper and miles closer. I wish I would have found her sooner!

So here are my MUST DO tips when you are considering microblading:

  1. Stalk a lot of artists in your area. Check out their before and afters. Stalk Pinterest for eyebrow shapes you like, and get clear about the desired color you want.
  2. Get in touch with several artists and find out their pricing and scheduling. Go to a consult first if you are really nervous, or still contemplating. I jumped right in, brow me baby!
  3. Have them draw on your desired shape prior and take a photo (esp. at a consult). Looking in a mirror is great, but having a photo of yourself gives you a chance to gaze a little longer and be sure of your shape. *When they draw on you, the colored pencil they use will probably be much darker than your desired look.
  4. Take several pictures with you to your appt. or saved on your phone (Pinterest board) to show them, discuss what you like about it and they should be able to understand from that, what exactly you want.

The operation (is that what its called?) is really not that bad. I know some people said it hurts, and yes it does, but that’s what the numbing cream is for. It felt like she was scratching my brows, but it’s NOTHING like getting a tattoo. So rest assured, it’s not THAT painful, and it should only last about 30-45 minutes depending on what you do and how fast your chosen professional is. They will ask you to sit up and look at them so they can make sure your brows are as symmetrical as possible and will go back and touch up, so it could take longer.

TIP! Learn how to sleep on your back, sleeping on your face (whether you are a side sleeper or stomach sleeper) will save you from wrinkles, asymmetrical face and break outs. I noticed that the side I was sleeping on was causing one eyebrow to sit higher, crazy right?!) 

My Brows post op 10 days (2nd time): 

Pretty simple, and honestly, I think microblading is way better than sliced bread. I can’t imagine having bad eyebrows. Your eye brows can either make you or break you. It’s my hope that this post can be a virtual eye brow fairy and sprinkle some microblading knowledge on the women who need it most!

For 7-10 days post op you should not tan, go in the sauna, sweat profusely, sleep on your face, or get your brows wet. That means washing your face very strategically, doing lighter workouts, and slapping on fake tanner. It’s not bad.

If you are in the Southern CA area or San Diego particularly… go see my girl Nancy! You can go to her YELP or you can visit her website here:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post, found it useful and funny, and if so, please share it with your girlfriends, post on social media or comment below!

Also here’s a fun look at eyebrow domination through the years!

Much love ladies! <3

Abby Marie