Part 1: Know Your Body Type

Moving forward, I will try to do as many blog/youtube videos together simply because some of you prefer to watch and/or listen while some of you prefer to read. Plus I can’t deny, I LOVE making videos and editing. Blogging is also my jam. So its really a win win for me and you.

I want to share something that has made a SIGNIFICANT impact on the way I approach fitness, my nutrition and meal plan, as well as my body image and sanity.

I had a MAJOR physique transformation back in 2014. I mean I went FROM FLAB TO FAB quite literally. I wasn’t overweight before, but I was 10 pounds uncomfortable and my jeans be tiiiiggghtttttt. I also had a friend say to me, ‘Abby, for as much as you workout, you don’t look as cut as you should’ and I can’t thank that friend enough because she was 100% right. I didn’t take it personal at all, in fact it made me re-evaluate what I was doing and why it wasn’t working. I was working out hard, eating right, but I felt bulky and swollen.

So often we jump into the fitness world and follow our idols on Instagram and do their workouts. And a lot of the time we have an idealized body that doesn’t actually match our body type and we start the comparison game and wonder ‘why don’t I look like her/him?’

Ugh, nasty nasty game. OR we start a workout program but it’s not really what we need at that point in time based on our current goals. OR we’re just not consistent, plain and simple.

Well this post is for ALL you ladies who have felt you are running on the hamster wheel of fitness, kinda like the pointless recumbent bike (which does nothing, seriously….unless you are recovering from an injury).

What I didn’t realize or understand at the time when I had my big transformation (shown below) is that I was doing the RIGHT type of workouts for MY specific body type and I was eating accordingly.


So lets dive in. Body types. Body composition. Genetics. These are ALL key words. Your body type and composition is derived mostly from your genetics, aka good ole mom and dad (and their lineage).

There are THREE main body types, also known as Somatotype with a fourth being a combination of 2 of the 3. You can use the wrist test to see where you end up, but keep in mind which body type your parents and grandparents are, that will help you determine which combination you are.

Ectomorph – these are the men and women who are naturally slender, often times lanky, and have a higher metabolism. They don’t necessarily have to be tall in order to be an ectomorph, but they may have longer limbs. Sometimes this body type can be called ‘skinny fat’ if they do not add muscle to their body. To put on muscle takes more heavy weight lifting and a diet high in carbs, protein and fat.

  1. Wrist Test: if you can wrap your thumb and middle finger around your wrist and overlap the middle finger nail or the whole first knuckle, you are more than likely an ectomorph.
  2. Examples of Celebrity ectomorphs: Victoria Secret Models / Sheldon from Big Bang Theory


Mesomorph – this group has more of a natural athletic build and broader shoulders. Men and women in this group tend to put on muscle easily, but lose it easily too. If their diet is off, they tend to gain fat quickly, but if their diet is calculated towards their goals, they excel quickly towards their goals.

  1. Wrist Test:  if you can wrap your thumb and middle finger around your wrist and overlap the middle finger nail or touch, you are more than likely an mesomorph.
  2. Examples of celebrity mesomorphs: Jessica Biel / Ryan Reynolds

Endomorph – the more voluptuous, curvaceous, rounder type. Tends to gain fat quite easily and holds onto it. Can have quite amazing figures if their diet and workouts are on point and embrace their figures.

  1. Wrist Test: if you can wrap your thumb and middle finger around your wrist and they do not touch, you are more likely and endomorph.  
  2. Examples of Celebrity Endomorphs: Beyonce, Iskra Lawrence, Oprah, Adele / Jack black 

Combination – A combo of 2 of 3 above. 

Classic combo is Cameron Diaz, while she is more ectomorph, she has worked hard on her body to also carry mesomorph features. Beyonce who is more of a natural endomorph, but has worked hard to carry more mesomorph features. Mark Wahlberg can look REALLY buff and gain fat easily. Vin Diesel who is known for his HUGE body and muscles can also gain quickly if he doesn’t train properly or eat for his body type. 


So in summary, I am primary mesomorph with a secondary endomorph. My mom’s side has lineage that is more endomorph, whereas my dad’s side of the family carries the mesomorph and even ectomorph body types.

When I had my big transformation in 2014, I was doing workouts that were IDEAL for my body type and I was eating the right amount of marcos for my goals and current activity level at the time. Finally realizing this years later makes me feel like I cracked the freakin Da Vinci code.

And I hope that it helps you too. I would suggest after reviewing the different body types you EMBRACE what you got, because as I mention in my video, there are skinny ectomorphs getting butt implants or doing hella squats all day to have thicker legs. And vice versa.

I know that figuring out my body type has enhanced my body image and put my mind at rest knowing that I can search for fitness role models who share my same physique, goals and plans. No longer will I envy and try to be like the ectomorph fitness model who eats carbs all day and lifts weights and wish I could do the same, or worse, SHOULD do the same.

We are NOT created the same ladies and gents, we’re meant to vary in size, shape, and color. Ain’t no one like you girlfriend (or dudefriend), that is YO super power!

Part II of this blog series will continue this week on Wednesday with ‘How to Know Your Body Type Part II : What Workouts Are Best For Your Body Type’

So stay TUNED.