Part II: Best Workouts For Your Body Type

Alright, the FUN part! *If you haven’t read Part I: How to Know Your Body Type, then start there FIRST! Or else you may be confused moving forward.


Now that we have that out of the way, and you have your body type figured out, whether it’s a combination of two or a strong primary body type, you can start to put the pieces together of the puzzle.

The puzzle being YOU, you sexy thang you. And once you have all the pieces figured out, you can create one helluva picture. Hello #GOALBOD. But remember, everyone is DIFFERENT, and every BODY is different. The most important part of this series is that you EMBRACE what yo mama and papa gave ya! True, I will always have short legs and big ole white girl booty. I’ve learned to embrace that and have found the tricks of the trade to elongate my legs. 

So lets get on with it. *Oh! But keep in mind that as you read the best workouts for your body type (regardless of what you are), your goals will also be a determining the type of workouts you do. Whether your goals are to put on muscle, you’re wanting to increase muscle endurance, or you’re trying to cut the fat, it’s key YOU do the research too. I’m just here to shine some light! #ShineOnSugaaaahhhh 

Ectomorphs – #YouSkinnyBetchYou

Considering that you are naturally slender with a fast working metabolism, your workout will be very different than the other two body types.

If you are wanting to put on a good amount of muscle mass, you will want work up to weight lifting 4-5x a week. Ideal set and rep range for weight lifting will 3 sets of be 8-10 maybe even 6-8 with heavy weights (you should be shaking by the last two reps). Putting on muscle mass if you are a pure ectomorph takes patience, work and strategy (and lots of good nutrition).

If you like your slender look and want to remain lean, you can still weight lift 2-3x a week, do plyometric work and interval training. If you are skinny fat, your body will respond well to this strategy as well, but the key thing to remember is that if you are skinny fat in your midsection as an ectomorph, you best clean up that diet girl! Abs are EARNED in the KITCHEN.

Mesomorphs – #YouGotTheBestOfBoth 

Your workout plan will fluctuate depending on where you are physically and where you want to go. I find that being a mesomorph is all about intuitively knowing what workout will serve me best at this point in my journey. Since mesomorphs naturally carry muscle mass, but can teeter totter on the edge of easily gaining fat and/or muscle, it’s key to know which route to take first: losing fat or putting on muscle.

If you are mesomorph with enough muscle mass and want to cut the fat, then your diet and cardio will need to be dialed in. Weight lifting is still important to maintain muscle mass, but you won’t need to be lifting heavy or as frequently. Ideal weight lifting schedule for maintaining mass can vary 2-3x a week with 3-4 sets of 12-20 reps of much lighter weight. On these days, its great to alternate your sets between 2 or 3 major muscle groups; i.e. back/chest and biceps OR shoulders, triceps and core. The other 2-3 days of the week you can dedicate to interval and/or circuit cardio training (that can include light weights and dynamic movement). The key for mesomorph training is to workout multiple body parts at once. Isolated training isn’t as important for mesomorphs like it is for ectomorphs. However, cardio and circuit training that includes 1:1 / 2:1 ratios will greatly increase the ‘lean’ look we tend to want.

Endomorphs – #Curvalicious 

Because this body type tends to hold onto fat, your body type will respond great to longer lengths of cardio IF you are trying to achieve a more slender look. Endomorphs diets are extremely important and calculated when it comes to physique goals and shedding the fat. In order to move that scale or pant size down, your meal plan should be followed to a T. If you are happy with your curves and just want to shrink a few sizes, you can do cardio 4-5x a week doing what you enjoy like Zumba, kickboxing, spin .. the list goes on! If you are an endomorph who wants to hone in on the mesomorph / endomorph combo, then cardio ranging from 30-60 min/ 4-5x a week combined with 2-3 days of weight lifting and/or plyometric/HIIT drills will help you big time. Remember, if you are NEW to working out or its been a while, take this in bite sizes. Get in 3 workouts for the week for 30-45 mins. and increase it every two weeks.

I know that cardio tends to be the enemy of many, but if you can find group fitness classes close by or enjoy outdoors activities like hiking, running, power walking, etc, then you can pass the time quickly (or quicker…or just look at your ideal goal body and get that sweat in). Because my secondary body type is endomorph my body responds REALLY well to cardio, and while I don’t typically enjoy doing long lengths of cardio (seriously, anything over 45 mins and Im done), I like putting on an audio book if I’m walking or find a class. Endomorphs, I empathize with you… we gotta really work for it, but so do our counterpart ectomorphs, if they want muscle, they have to work just as hard. 

It’s like this ladies and gents; if you want it, you gotta work for it. Period. There’s no shortcut to your goal body. There is however a blueprint to get there.

This journey is a sweaty, sometimes unbearably frustrating, but rewarding. You’re gana F up from time to time and have nights or days where your PMS tricks you and you eat all the cookies you can find. Just make your next choice the best choice. Own up to it, take responsibility and get to work.


Anyway, this blog post is truly scratching the surface, especially since MOST of us are a combination.

It’s important to take the following into consideration:

> the amount of activity you are doing each day which is called TEE (total energy expenditure)

> your current goals – are you trying to cut a certain amount of fat? Or put on a certain amount of muscle? Do you want to increase muscle endurance or strength?

> your current routine when it comes to food – are you eating out at lunch everyday? Are you skipping breakfast? Are you overeating or under eating?

If this is making your head spin, take a deep breath, and trust that it will all click into place. At some point.

At different times during my journey, I felt defeated by how many variables contributed to my goals. I loathe counting calories, I don’t like limiting myself to certain eating styles (aka paleo, vegan, vegetarian) for the sake of what’s in or cool or ‘the right’ way to do it and I certainly don’t like feeling lost and confused.

So hang in there, I know what you may be thinking, ‘will this ever work for me? Will I ever hit my goals?’ and the answer is ‘if you invest the time to learn what works for you!’

In Part III of this series, I will be sharing Best Macro Ratios for Your Body Type – and I share macro ratios because I know people have different eating styles (again, whether that be vegan, paleo, raw, etc.).

While I’ve shared best workouts and exercises for each body type, keep in mind that if your diet is shit, your hard work and determination while you’re sweating will be void in the sense of body goals (you will still feel great though I hope!). I’ve tried to out exercise a bad diet many times consciously and unconsciously, and everytime I’ve failed. And just because an ectomorph has a high metabolism and eats crappy, does not make them healthy on the inside. You can’t convince me that the skinny person who chugs soda is healthy. #JustNope


& NEVER underestimate the way FOOD affects MOOD. Your moods and emotions are very much influenced by your digestive system.


What you ingest and digest will manifest.

Alright, who’s ready for Part III: Best Macro Ratios for Your Body Type?


See you FriYAY!