Breast Augmentation & Working Out

Alright, clearly this is a controversial topic for many. So if you do NOT support breast augmentation for women, hit the back button. I’m not trying to convince anyone they need implants to be beautiful or that women who have them look fake. So if you’re in the mood to get all heated and controversial over one of my favorite body parts… hit the back button.

B R E A S T    A U G M E N T A T I O N << that means breast implants. GASP. She said breast?! On the INTERNET? Yep.

But I guess you didn’t know I had them did you? I don’t have to flaunt them to show them, they’re MINE and I’m proud of them. Best. boobs. ever.

Some people see others “putting it out there”(sharing that they have breast implants) as a bad thing. Why? I don’t get it. Maybe it’s not up your alley and that is totally fine… but I’m a woman trying to help other women like me so if my story/journey can be of use to one of you reading this, then I’m glad to hit “POST”!

Your Most COMMON BREAST IMPLANT QUESTIONS ANSWERED (well some at least) in regards to my experience with working out and fitness lovers alike:

  • Does it hurt? 
    • Well I mean… you ARE going under the knife. BUT you don’t FEEL it-you’re under! So while recovery can be a little sore and a tad painful, you are honestly so drugged up after you come out of surgery, that you will be too loopy to even feel the pain. And they should supply you with plenty of narcotics to ease the pain. I was prescribed Percocet — if you get Percocet, don’t forget your laxatives. Not being able to poop for a few days can change anyone 😉 and make the ugliest come out in all of us. Everyone tolerates pain a different way, and it really depends on how much breast tissue you have before. The less breast tissue (AKA flat chested gals like myself originally) will experience more tightness in the chest and possibly pain because they don’t have as much skin thats stretched out, whereas our big busted friends have more room to get the implants in and settle. Good thing skin is elastic! 😉
  • How long was your recovery?
    • My “scratch the surface” recovery back in 08 took about 10- 14 days. And by “scratch the surface” recovery, I’m talking about getting back to your original mobilization—putting on your own clothes, reaching for things above you, pulling doors open, stuff like that. You forget how much you use your body and muscles for the little things. For a full recovery it can take 6 months or longer, but don’t worry, you will be working out long before that. But if we are talking FULL recovery, most articles I’ve read, doctors I’ve spoken to and other breast augmentation alumni said they had a FULL recovery in about 6 months or so. My second surgery was much more smooth, the skin was stretched out so putting a new set of implants was MUCH easier and the recovery was a BREEZE compared to the first time. I was back to light cardio in about 10 days, and full mobilization in less than a week. I was still sore trying to do things, but I didn’t overdue it. Allow your body to heal properly, do NOT drink, do not smoke, eat healthy and stretch slowly. Why did I get a second surgery? Simple. The first time I could not go the size I wanted because I did not have enough breast tissue to stretch without my skin ripping off my chest. Yeah, graphic I know but its true.
  • What is better–saline or silicone?
    • Really, that is all about preference. Saline is a just that, a mixture of salt and water so in case it pops, your body absorbs it. I have silicone gummies, which are said to be more life like and “realistic”. YES they do cost more, but they were the best route for my body and the results I was looking for. I know that with Saline they can be much more bouncy since the consistency in the implant is much more fluid… and I knew that with all the working out I do, bouncing tits wasn’t going to work. I got an ass that bounces enough! Know what I’m sayin’? You picking up what I’m putting out? Watch this:
  • How soon did you work out again?
    • First time around, I wasn’t a HUGE workout junkie… I worked out but it wasn’t as important to me as it is now. I think I waited over two months until I was really working out again. And even then my pushups were back to the knees on the floor. Fine by me! haha! The SECOND time around, I was back to light cardio in about 10 days (LIGHT, walking, stretching, etc)– and within about 16 days I was doing T25 (25 min cardio workout program) again. I didn’t start lifting again until a month later just to be careful. I went back to pushups on the floor, and held off from doing any chest workouts for a good 6-7 weeks. I wanted to let my body heal… there’s no rushing the healing process and if you do, you can chance hurting yourself and going back to the surgeon. NO FUN. BE SAFE, not SORRY! All you can really control at this point in recovery is WHAT YOU EAT. Shakeology KEPT me SANE!!! I ate pretty clean during recovery to make sure my body was healing properly, took arnica, tried to avoid the Percocets as much as I could and just relaxed. If you want some doctors perspectives read here!
  • What was your recovery like?
    • Similar to the above question, but pretty smooth the 2nd time around since I knew what I was in for. I had no problems, no complications, the office, the doctor, the staff–everything made the whole process stress free. If you are in San Diego check out Dr. Brahme at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Center =) Tell him Abby Fix sent you! My first recovery, not gana lie, SUCKED. But I was seriously so flat chested that my skin was stretched as far as it could go. But with the drugs, naps, and relaxing, I was honestly fine after a few days.
  • What was better for you-over or under the muscle?
    • I have never done OVER the muscle, only under. When I went in for my consultation I was told that under would be more ideal for people who are into fitness and working out. I’m VERY happy I went with UNDER the muscle, I’ve heard recovery is longer but my chest feels great, my boobs don’t bother me, and I’m very happy with their appearance.
“One of the primary choices in breast augmentation is whether to have the implants placed “under” or “over” the muscle (submuscular or subglandular). This muscle is the pectoralis major muscle which lies over the rib cage and underneath the breast. It is the chest muscle that is commonly developed in weight lifters.
Traditionally, when the majority of implants were silicone, implants were most often placed underneath the breast gland and on top of the muscle. With the more common use of saline filled implants, it was noticed in women who were thinner or who had relatively little breast tissue to cover the implants, that there was a tendency to develop “rippling” or a waviness in the skin overlying the implant. This is especially true with the use of the “textured” or rough surfaced implants. In an effort to decrease the incidence of rippling and the potential for capsular contracture, there has been a move to place implants in the space beneath the pectoralis major muscle. Submuscular placement increases the padding overlying the implant offering more coverage and camouflage to the shape of the implant. Using this technique, rippling has become a rare problem
Today many more women have the option of silicone implants. The silicone implants are softer, realistic in feeling and the tissues tend to drape over them more realistically. They are also less prone to rippling. Consequently, it is possible to place them in a subglandular position more often while decreasing the risk of rippling. In fact a possible solution for rippling saline implants can be to replace them with silicone implants.
There are, however, some breast shapes that are better suited to a subglandular (“over” the muscle) placement of the implant. These women typically have breasts that at one time were much larger than the present. When there is a very large volume decrease and there is little or no shrinkage in the size of the skin envelope surrounding the breast tissue, then the shape approaches that of an “empty bag”. Under these circumstances it is sometimes better to place the implant in a subglandular position in order to allow the implant to fill out the skin envelope of the breast.” —
  • Should I be closer to my goal weight? When is the BEST time to get them?
    • YES. Not only is it easier for recovery, you will be much more satisfied. PLUS most surgeons PREFER that their patients are close to their ideal bodies/goal weights (even for lipo) for TRUE results. When I got them done in 08 I wasn’t big by any means, but I still had a lot of work to do as far as toning up and getting my diet/nutrition in check. If you aren’t quite the epitome of health (partying, drinking, overweight, bad nutrition habits, etc) I would SUGGEST to start working on THAT before you get some new boobs. It will make recovery a lot better, and you will love the results a LOT more. I noticed that the first time around after my breast augmentation I felt fatter… bigger boobs to go with my bigger gut. SCORE. NOT. haha! So this second time, I made sure I was SUPER close to my goal body. I worked out HARD and earned those muscles. However, I knew that I would lose some of those visual results… read on to the next one. As far as when is the best time to get them? 1. When you’re ready physically, mentally and ideally financially… 2. When you are closer to your goal body and health goals 3. When your surgeons office is running a special! HA! Seriously though ladies, ask for specials. I went during Christmas break and got a GREAT deal (about $1500 off) for paying cash!
  • I’m nervous I’m going to lose all my results and hard work–what can I do?
    • In my experience, I did lose some results about 10 days after –that’s when I really noticed. But I ate clean, and actually lost weight (probably muscle) and kept my abs in great shape (you can still keep your core engaged while you’re just laying there!!!) I didn’t notice a HUGE shift in my results, just a little less toning, but nothing I knew I couldn’t get back in about two weeks, which I did. BOOYAAAA! And I kept the weight off!
  • Will I lose feeling in my nipples?
    • My favorite question! AHAH! This is really different for everyone… I did the first time around for a few months — they were just numb for a bit, but it came back. 2nd time was no big deal, I’ve got full feeling! You have several options for the incision site: nipple (what I did), under arm, belly button =) I’ve heard the arm pit is a bit more painful in regards to recovery and can take longer. I’ve also heard going through the nipple can be bad for milk ducts. And I’ve also heard that if you go through your belly button it can rip up some muscles. All I’ve got to say about “conspiracy theories” is find a GREAT doctor, discuss your concerns, different ways to go about it, research what would work best FOR YOU. I did not have ANY issues going through the nipple, as far as my milk ducts.. I don’t have kids yet… so when I do, stay tuned. To read more about that, click here!
In Conclusion:
I had a great experience from start to finish — I found a great doctor whom I trusted, I liked his style of implants and his technique (each doctor has their own technique — pay attention to how their before and after photos are taken — same lighting, same poses, etc. Doctors will try to highlight their best work, but if they’re photos are consistent in lighting, pose and all that, its a good chance their work is consistent), and the staff was friendly! The cosmetic surgery center is clean and professional — that is what YOU should be looking for too.
If you are in San Diego looking for a doctor, I recommend Dr. Brahme at La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Center! *tell him Abigail Fix sent you 😉
Ladies, move forward with confidence and make sure you do your research!
Happy Implant Hunting!