DIY Scrunch Bikini Bottoms

Can I just say, thank goodness for thread, needle and donkey kicks? Turn last years bikini bottoms into this summer’s DIY project!

Ok, I’m no seamstress here… but, after I saw this pinned a million katrillion (yep thats a number) times on Pinterest, I just had to try it.

Never mind the fact that I’m the pickiest person when it comes to bikini bottoms. & there is just something to be said and seen about a bikini that has a heart shape as the booty.

WARNING: If you don’t want your cheeks hanging out, this style is not for you.

DISCLAIMER: Before I got into fitness, started my own coaching career  and did some serious booty toning research and application, I would not be caught DEAD in bikini bottoms like this.

But ladies… if you work hard the day will come when you want to let that hard work show off a little… or a lot.

Ok, well maybeeeeee. But the day came for me. I have squatted, burpeed, lunged, jumped, and cardio-ed for this new booty. And I’m pretty proud of it. Although I still have work to do, I’m coming for you Michelle Lewin 😉
Summer will be here. That means bikini shopping, an extra leg day(s), and keeping cheat meals to 1x a week.

Sigh. Before I use to HATE bikini shopping, it was a constant battle in my head ‘do I need to wear bikinis?! Do I want to miss out though?” Honestly, I would leave the Target dressing mirrors, not in tears, but in absolute determination for the body I wanted. After hitting up HH to drink away the fact that my tush needed some work and was going to take a while.

Now it’s a lot better, the only problem is finding tops that fit augmented breasts and bottoms that don’t make my butt look weird. And for those of you who struggle with the same, I get my bottoms from Victoria Secret most of the time (this blog post being the exception) and tops from Target, Victoria Secret, or Amazon… I buy a lot of single pieces to mix and match. I will buy bottoms bigger and then scrunch them like so.

I personally prefer the scrunch butt style… to me, its much more flattering, and not just on my shape, but lots!

So what you will need:

  • STRONG Thread
  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Bikini Bottoms (preferably a little baggy/big or old bottoms because the string will pinch it)
How To: 
  1. Grab your bikini bottoms and down the middle, mark a straight line. Use a ruler or straight edge and hold the fabric in place. If your bottoms are a little big, thats more ideal! Once you start stitching and pulling the fabric together, you’re ‘ass being covered’ to ‘amount of fabric left’ ratio will be different.
  2. Try to use a thread color similar to your bottoms, you won’t be able to see it really (unless you leave your bottoms not as scrunched), but better to blend then be all obvious ‘just trying to show more of my cheeks!’ know what I mean? Stitch the dotted lines… the closer your stitching is, the tighter the scrunch. Don’t get too crazy, a few stitches do the trick!
  3. Pull both sides of the string to bring the fabric together — aka bunch that shiet. Then tie a crap ton of knots at the end of your string when you have created desired ‘scrunchedness’ — another made up word. The reason you’re trying a zillion katrillion knots is so that your one little knot doesn’t pull through your bikini bottom, meaning it wont come undone (unless you’re working out, which I don’t suggest in these types of bottoms). TIP: Use hot super glue on the knots so it truly will not pull through. Make sure to give your bikini bottoms enough slack in the string so that when you sit down, the thread wont tear and rip apart!
Try them on and adjusted as needed. I’m by no means a seamstress, but if I can do a few stitches like this, I’m pretty sure you can too.
I’ve walked around in them, sat in them, some have come up done if I did not use a strong enough thread or tied enough knots, so be sure to do that!
Happy Scrunching!



  1. Jaclyn

    Did you stitch the entire way down the back or just the upper half in the back? I’m dying to try this to my new bikini bottom, but am in no way shape or form any good with a needle and thread!


      Great question! I started stitching about 1/2 in down from the top, then stopped about 1″ from the crotch, lol that sounds too funny but you know what I mean!

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