How I Feel About Getting Married, Starting a Business and Bowling…

The title says it all. I wont deny today is much more emotional than others. And it all started with bowling. Right? How weird. Well… not really, but bowling was the straw that broke this camels back. Or rather, moments of sanity. My fiance and I have started bowling together, he’s a pro.


And when I mean pro, I mean this guy gets a 299 game. Thats almost perfect. Which pretty much sums up how I feel about him, he’s the most imperfect perfect for me. He’s my 299. If he was 300 I’d be sick. #SorryNotSorry


And my bowling skills? Considering that I could add up how many times I’ve been on one hand prior to us going together should give you enough clue. Let’s not forget to mention that I’m not the sportiest person. Before anyone even says or thinks bowling is NOT a sport, I’ll have you know, its very freakin technical. Sure, I LOVE working out and Im in pretty good shape (unless you compare me to a triathalete) but the only sport I played growing up was soccer.


I promise I’d always be honest with myself, my blog and those who read this. Why? I figure if I can be honest and show my flaws and AHAs (#DroppedThatRhyme) that it would give you the courage to do the same.


So I wouldn’t be lying when I said, I’ve gone through some MAJOR life lessons in the last two years. Some  that have made me better, some that have left me hurt for longer than I like, and some that I’m glad came to pass.


How does this all tie into bowling? And Marriage? And Business? Well I’ve realized that bowling is 80% mindset/attitude/willingness to learn and 20% mechanics. That’s when I realized that’s EVERYTHING IN LIFE. That goes for my relationships, my new business, and even freakin bowling. All those life lessons the last few years have been rowling around in my head like pins at the end of the lane.


What I’ve come to acknowledge and am ready to change is one of the hardest things most of us struggle with; first, accepting responsibility for my (your) mindset and attitude, second; learn from life and let go of what I (you) can’t control, third; accept that I (you) don’t have to be perfect, I (you) just have to give it your best damn shot.


So when I go through ‘the walk’ (you know that snazzy little step – step – step – sliddddeeeeeeee, my fiance has that down, its sexy and annoying how good he is) to bowl, I have to remember that if I have a bad thought, attitude or feel like I totally suck before I even release the ball, its already aimed for the gutter.


Freakin.Gutter.Balls man. They happen. They’re a lesson, a really annoying lesson, but important nonetheless. You’re going to gutter. I know I am.


What I’ve learned is this; the main thing to remember right before I release the ball is ‘I’ve got this, breathe, keep my eyes on third arrow, don’t muscle it, let it go and learn’ and then whatever happens after that, happens. In bowling, you can’t compare yourself to anyone. You literally have to play against your last score. And if that doesn’t scream LIFE LESSON, I dont know what does.


I have to admit, I’ve become more of an over-thinker, perfectionist, and sensitive adult. It drives me bonkers. I literally drive myself crazy. Does anyone else drive themselves crazy? #PlzDontSayItsJustMe Part of me realizes that years of acting like I don’t care (highschool and early twenties) collided with years of dire growth for personal growth to be the opposite, may have gone into the extreme. If you looked up ‘hard one oneself’ in the urban dictionary, my picture would be there (with all the other perfectionist, overacheivers and aspiring somebodies).


2017 is the year I shed the perfectionist, sensitive, hard on myself mentality. It’s NOT fun.  And FUN is my source of motivation.


2017 is the year I get out more, show up for opportunity, and enjoy life at a much less serious level.


2017 is the year I let Abby be Abby, the fun-loving, silly, outgoing, charismatic woman I’ve always been and always will be.


Sometimes we have to unlearn bad thinking patterns, rewire new ones and re-discover ourselves. The best relationships, business and bowling games will challenge you to do that.


Life is 10% what happens to me, and 90% how I respond to it. (Not gana lie, today I didn’t respond so good, but thats what tomorrow is for). 😉
Alright, wisdom soap box is over. Ciao babes.