Trader Joe’s Haul – Easy Meal Prep

Meal. Motha. Duckin. Prep. (oh yes, by the way, I do swear from time to time, and while it may not be ‘kosher’ or lady like, I do think it has a time and place to get across a point… so while I try to keep it classy, I also stay #SASSYAF, but Im meeting you half way here with some censorship for all of you low key goody two shoes )

So if your my mama reading this, sorry mamma you know I’ve had a bit of a potty mouth. 

All my favorite words start with F. Fitness. Fun. Food. Fashion. Fu……

Anyway, besides the point. Lets talk about my least favorite thing to do. Meal prep. It’s not actually the DOING part I don’t like, its the coming up with interesting enough meals to stay satisfied so I don’t want to hit up El Pollo Loco at 9pm.

For a LONGGG time I was queen of the prep. But man, does that get old. However, its no coincidence that when I was my leanest I was also meal prepping and eating spinach and carrots as snacks. #SoFun #ha.

I’m in this new phase of life called ‘cut corners but still get ISH done’. As in – get in/get out. And one way to cut corners is to have someone meal prep FOR you, but since I’m also in this phase of life called ‘saved dat monies’ I also wanted to figure out how to speed up this whole meal prep process.

Alas Trader Joes. I’ve seen Trader Joe Haul videos on Youtube, but when I go to Trader Joes, I get sucked into the naughty sweetness vortex and find myself having an internal battle of ‘eat this, no eat this, don’t eat that! ok maybe just this one time’ in the dessert section. Thanks Trader Joes. Way to mess with our will power.


So I decided to give it a try, and boy oh boy was I delighted to stumble upon some gems here at TJ.

I have to admit, Im newer to this whole Vlog thing so taking a camera into TJ is slightly awkward but its worth a shot. I figured its probably a good idea to show you guys where some of these hidden gems are then have you try to hunt it down and then find yourself lost in the frozen dessert section.

So please join the ride and watch our Trader Joe meal prep haul. You can also look at the picture below to see some of our favorite items. Keep in mind, Trader Joes may not suffice all your meal prep needs but there are some super quick ways to meal prep in 10 minutes or less with these items. 

trader joes, trader joes haul, trader joes tips

For example, the salad mix bags, grilled chicken sliced up and ready, hash browns, and pre-marinated meat selections make things way easier. Along with brussels sprouts, sliced sweet potatoes, and frozen veggies. #Hallelujah 

The sweet potato chips are AMAZING, but I only saw them around the holidays, but Im hoping they bring it back.

Hatch Valley Salsa – if you love a good green salsa, this is it. The Chicken Curry is Meh in my opinion. I’m not a big fan, but their sliced chicken which I forgot to label is pretty decent if you need ready made chicken for salads… sandwiches…etc. The hash browns is where it’s at. Nothing but shredded tay-toes and perfect for breakfast. Envy apples, where ya been all my life? Sweet, crisp, and not too soft! Pre-cut squash is easy easy easy, along with lightly battered zucchini fries. Ok lets pause there. For anyone who knows Im a health nut also knows I’m all about balance. If zucchini fries are going to hold my ever loving carb addiction at bay, then I’m gana opt for these instead of the real deal fries that are super fattening and carb loaded. This is our usual haul, but ebbs and flow as new products are put on the shelves. Hope its helped!


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