Tight Hips – Stretch Routine

Ya know what I always loved about yoga? If you have the kind of teacher I enjoy most, they help you release built up tension from the week. And most of that tension sits in our jaws, hips and traps. Its quite interesting to notice where we physically store our stress and tension. But you don’t need a fancy  yoga studio or teacher to help you loosen those tight hips, although it is nice. Having a go to stretch routine to help your tight hips before, during and after work is going to save you in YEARS to come!

If you are at a sit down job for most of the day, your hips probably feel pretty damn tight. Even if you workout a few times a week you may even notice that you’ve got more side booty than before. Not only that but when you go to do squats or lunges, those hips and IT band are not pliable and definitely not well stretched. You need a STRETCH routine! 

As human beings/doings we are NOT meant to be sitting all the time. If your 9-5 or job doesn’t offer you the opportunity for stand up desks or enough breaks to stretch, you may have to sneak it in. Sitting can shorten the lifespan by years! Insane right?

I use this little (cheap and found on Amazon HERE) laptop stand for my actual desktop at home that way I’m not stuck sitting at a computer all day. This gives my hips a break, helps me engage my core and pelvis better. I noticed that when I was sitting all day, I let it all hang out, and after years of doing this, my pelvis and lower core were no longer tucked in and tight. That makes it really hard to ‘suck it in’ on those precious beach days where you want to feel strong and lean.

I also try to do as many of these stretches through out the day. A good tip is to set timers on your phone to stretch every hour, just for a minute or two, and if you aren’t able to stand up at work, to get up and walk around or do a few jumping jacks every 45 minutes.

Oh, and on the subject of coffee and sitting all day. You may not like this, nor considered it, but think about drinking all that caffeine while sitting. You’re building acidity in your body, coupled with the stress of timelines and quotas thus increasing adrenaline, and BOOM, your body’s pH is creeping towards the acidic side. Now your body has to work overtime to eliminate toxins and rebalance itself. In my humble opinion, if you are going to consume caffeine, avoid sitting and being in stressful situations. Do it an hour before work, or at lunch, but try to avoid it during ‘sit time’. OR try this helpful option that I use which also has alkalinizing super greens like wheatgrass and spirulina in it, which naturally balances your pH and helps you stay focused, clear headed and increases mental stamina. It’s under PRODUCTS > PERFORMANCE > ENERGY. I prefer the wild berry flavor! 

So grab that yoga mat, do these hip stretches. Also I like to have a simple yoga mat cleaner near by whether Im using the yoga studios mats or my dogs decided my yoga mat was their new bed.

1 Part Water / .5 Part Distilled White Vinegar / 10-20 drops of Lavender and Eucalyptus essential oils. Shake it up. Spray it on. Wipe it off!

If the distilled vinegar is just too much, you can omit. It’s really not a big deal, but depends how dirty your mat may be! Vinegar tends to be the holy grail of cleaning 😉 Happy stretching ladies (and gents)! <3 XO

PS. If you have questions about one on one coaching, my 30 min workout plans based on your body type, or anything you see here, REACH OUT! I’m pretty friendly, only bite occasionally, and love to help people.

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