Wedding Diaries Part II: I Love The Way We Make Up

The Wedding Diaries Part II: I Love The Way We Make Up

wedding diariesIts no mystery that when you’re getting married and having a wedding, some feathers will be fluffed, ruffled, shaken and lost. If you’re engaged as well hopefully you don’t look like a chicken with its head cut off and sparse feathers.

Nothing’s worse than losing your cool over a one day event when the real focus should be about spending forever together.

Im actually writing this blog post as I wait for  my first dress fitting. Sometimes the writing inspo strikes at curious times. Nonetheless, I wanted to shine a light for all my brides to be and married ladies. I feel this blog post pertains to either party.

For all those people who say they never fight, I call bullshit!  Bo’shit bo’shit, bo’shit!

When you take too imperfect people and put them in a relationship, there are going to be a ton of imperfect moments. I’m not talking about relationship altering fights that cause irreparable damage (although those do happen), but I am talking about “normal” fights and arguments. You know, the kind that get under your skin, the ones that cause silence for two hours and the ones that you can’t even remember what you’re arguing about in the first place. Maybe they’re about wedding invitations (Evites or paper…), or how many people you can REALLY squeeze on the guest list.

If you have never read the book, “The Seven Principles of Making Marriage Work” by John Gottman, then I highly suggest it. After reading that book I realized there is a very important ingredient to having a great relationship. I am a firm believer that trust and communication are two of the most important foundational pieces of a thriving relationship that will last a lifetime, but I also believe the way that a couple can come together and make up after a fight or argument, no matter how little or big, says a lot about their future together.

There are many things I’m grateful for in our relationship, but one of the most important thing is the way that my fiancé and I make up after we fight. We aren’t perfect and sometimes we like to push each other’s buttons, we definitely know our hot points, but we also know how to make up and when to say ‘I’m sorry, you were right, I was wrong, can you forgive me, I love you, hug me now.’

What’s Your Make Up Style?

My favorite part about making up with my fiancé is our hugs and then the laughs after. My fiancé likes to jokingly say, “are you done now, are you done being an angry nugget?”  And it’s through his endearing nicknames and handsome debonair smile that my heart melts and no matter how mad I was at him I just want to kiss him and love him and not fight again. Although if he even DARE try to take some of my dessert, I won’t hesitate slapping his hand away.

So yes, while some wedding details aren’t always roses and sunshine to decide on, the process has been pretty fun regardless. From my personal experience, and hearing that of my other engaged friends, it sounds like the biggest hurdles when planning their day is; who to invite, how many to invite, how much both parties are willing to spend and whose helping contribute to the wedding (if anyone). Of course the details of photography, videography and what to eat are also some other topics of discussion, but for the most part Daniel and I sailed through those topics when planning our wedding. The two biggest struggles we didn’t agree on were style of wedding invitation (side note: I prefer an online format because it tracks RSVPs, provides ALL the details such as location, nearby hotels, things to do in the area, other bells and whistles that a traditional card invite cannot do and even has music #Winning – I went with Greenvelope) and where to have it.

So are you engaged? What have been some of your more exciting things to figure out? I can’t wait to share more details with you all, but I felt this topic was necessary for any couples who are wanting to grow and keep their relationship strong.