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6 Week Bridal Boot Camp FINAL LAUNCH!! WOW. I have been diligently working hard on this baby. We’re talking hours of filming, editing, uploading and lots of sweating. And the good news? I’ve got 50% off for my From Flab to Fab Followers!!

BUT.  Holy mama where have I been?

Where to begin. Well I can’t exactly blame the wedding for hogging my time. In fact, it took us about a day to plan the big ticket items. Luckily at Electra Cruises in Newport, CA they make it REAL easy to put all the details together for our big day. If you are looking for an amazing wedding venue that is pain and hassle free, speak to my girl, Lorraine. She’s our wedding coordinator!

After years of following fitness programs, coaching my clients and teammates through them, meeting the trainers, and getting myself educated through ACE, and Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I decided it was time to really make my dreams come true.

If you know me, you may have heard me say this, but if you don’t know me, then I’ll tell you. Has anyone ever asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up? When I was 8 years old I vividly remembering dreaming of being like Denise Austin. Yes, the blonde lady on TV doing leg lifts at the beach in the 90s.

Albeit, looking back, workout videos/TV programs were SUPER CHEESY and scripted, but I remember thinking to myself, ‘WOW thats a dream come true!’ The idea of being a positive influence, being active, looking and feeling great pulled me right in.

And sure, when I was 16, I wanted to be Britney Spears but considering the rocky path she went down, I figured I better stick with fitness. Still love our girl BSpears tho, once a queen, always a queen.

Little did I know that with the invention of social media, specifically Instagram, that fitness would become so NOTORIOUS and heavily saturated, I decided that it didn’t matter if there was ‘competition’. Why? Because the only competition is the girl I was yesterday, and if my goal everyday is to wake up and just be better by 1% then, I’m winning.

Plus it’s about CREATING vs. COMPETITION. So with a GIAT LEAP OF FAITH I finally introduce to you, MY first EVER workout program.

To say I’m proud, excited, humbled and tired would be an understatement. Filming several workouts in a day really spiked my carb cravings, but it left my heart full. Editing the videos, finding the right music, making sure the group fitness room at my gym was available for filming, and actually CREATING the workouts themselves lit a fire in my soul like no other. That’s how I knew I was on the right track to MY PURPOSE.

Purpose can feel like such a heavy word when you don’t know what yours is. The thing is, you don’t have to wait to figure it out. You make it happen. And also, I believe that purpose changes as we change and experience new things in life. I can’t be tamed, tied down or boxed in. I will forever chase and grasp what my heart and soul desires.

I’ve designed a 6 week workout program just for you. This boot camp is focused on 3 things:

1. A workout schedule that is challenging and engaging. No boring workouts here! We’re talkin’ 30-45 min workouts with HIIT cardio to help you avoid slaving away for hours on a treadmill or stair master.

2. Workouts that are specifically formatted to help you get into fat burning and muscle growth through minimal rest periods, integrated movements, and alternating muscle groups for QUICK results.

3. Nutrition 101 focused on tracking your macros, using MyFitnessPal, and creating your own meal plan. I want to empower you with resources that will teach you how to eat for your goals and body type!

I’ve coached hundreds of women AND men over the last 7 years in my online health and fitness business.

From losing weight, to properly gaining muscle, to healthier mindsets around food and body image, I’ve had the pleasure to make an impact and teach my clients about the power of creating a healthy lifestyle that’s as natural to them as brushing their teeth.

My guess is that you are looking for a workout program that will keep you engaged, excited about the next days workout and one that delivers results you’ve been wanting to see.

——————————————-  T E S T I M O N I A L S ——————————————–

Here’s some of what my beta test group brides and bridesmaids had to say about their first few weeks results:

Abby Marie I have to seriously give you the biggest shout out right now. Just a little over a month ago I had a dress fitting and it was one of the worst days of my life. I couldn’t fit into my wedding dress. Today I had another fitting and let me just tell you, I fit perfectly into my dress!! The inches I needed to lose, I did that and some, today marks 1 month exactly until I get to put that dress back on.  Brittany K.

1st week down and I’ve already lost 6 lbs. love this program and the results!! Thanks Abby Marie Tiffany B.

I Am Sore! Seriously best workouts I’ve had in a long time! Abby you Rock! Thank you. I feel like a whole new me after just 5 days!!!  Shanna S.

I am loving this program. I already feel so much more confident and good in my own skin. Shelby D.

…. So… the question is, ARE YOU READY? Claim your 50% OFF COUPON CODE HERE.

In health, love and transformation,