Wedding Diaries Part III: Gatsby Themed Wedding…

Wedding Diaries Part III comin’ atcha with some FUN and SWANKY NEWS! After booking our New Orleans style steam boat for our wedding, we decided that a Gatsby themed wedding was a very obvious next move. So of course, my bridal brain went NUTS. I envisioned feathers, pearls, champagne and the usual dancing on tables.

Funny how I went from ‘nah, we don’t really want a big party’ to ‘So should we get the nitro ice cream display and show?’ Which we actually didn’t end up getting because it was $$$ an obnoxious amount of money that I’ll leave to the truly ballin’ (we’ll get there soon enough). 

So of course we had to set the tone with our wedding invitation which was an Evite by Greenvelope with music playing in the background (Hooked on Swing by Glen Miller).

& yes we are asking (although not requesting) that our guests play along and dress up with us! I so wish I could post my dress here but I want to surprise you all! We set sail at 6pm to 10pm on The Newport Princess in August and I couldn’t be more thrilled to throw one heckuva party and celebration.

My fiancé Daniel and I have such a beautiful relationship from friendship to lovers to two people who love to really annoy each other at times. So of course while planning this sha-bang we’ve had our fair amount of laughs and weird looks.

Here’s what we are NOT doing:

Bachelorette and Bachelor parties

Wedding party

Bridal Shower or Engagement Party

There’s nothing wrong with ANY of that but quite honestly, we are both uber focused on our businesses, saving money where we can, and involved in other weddings that we wanted to cut ourselves (and friends) some slack when it came to those things.

We found that the most important thing was that people were able to attend, have a wonderful time with us, and keeping it simple. Feather wedding bouquet


I also knew I didn’t want a typical bouquet, so we aren’t doing any flowers either. I actually opted for this beautifully made feather bouquet and boutonniere. Which means we won’t be doing a bouquet toss or garter toss. I really have never been a big fan of the garter toss anyhow so that makes that easy too.

Our DJ, officiant and photographer all seem amazing and luckily Electra Cruises has all those vendors and more ready to go for any couple that comes to them and books their boats. Talk about making life easy.

I really want to do a good mixture of music, like Bruno Mars meets Maroon 5 meets Big Band Swing. I know all the wedding classics will get thrown in there a little but I prefer an updated playlist without all the EDM drops. Know what I mean? This isn’t a Vegas night club, but it’s not your mamas wedding from the 70s or 80s. (Although the 80s are probably my fav).

gatsby themed wedding ideas




And of course, we will have plenty of cute signage because why not?! Am I right. So who are my fellow engaged babes out there? What are you doing or not doing? Are you keeping or breaking traditions?


As always, in health, love and transformation,