Five Steps to Attracting What You Want

California is more or less known for the term ‘good vibes’ so welcome to your vibration station!

I’m just a southern California girl who loves to workout, go to the beach, meditation and God, rocking out at concerts (with the occasional crowd surfing if the vibes are right), and in no way, shape or form an the go to EXPERT in this topic of vibrations, manifesting or law of attraction quite YET.

Although we ALL have been doing it (meaning attracting and receiving) our entire lives whether we realize it or not, I’ve been becoming more aware of how I’ve used in the past and how I can use it in the present.

The last 6 months I’ve seen and felt how I’ve changed my vibration and frequency to attract the things I want and need. God willing. Here’s the thing.. I grew up Christian, going to church every Sunday. But it wasn’t until I grew into my faith in my mid-twenties and finally at 28 have surrendered my plan for life to God’s will. I’m honestly so over trying to call the shots, come up with plans and being frustrated when they don’t work out to my agenda. I do believe that God wants to work miracles in our lives, but in order to do so we must not resist changing the way we think and seeking our own spiritual walk.

Mark 11:24 law of attraction bible verse

I want to share that with you, in hopes that you can too. Now I’ve done this in the past, with some really BIG things… one of them being my fiancé whom I’m absolutely adore. Before we reconnected and right after a really gnarly break up, I wrote down all the things I wanted in a partner; kind, sweet, brave, tall, dark hair, truly authentic about who they are, motivates and inspires me through their character, handy (aka can fix the things I break), Italian, green eyes, dark hair, thoughtful, hard working, and on the list went.

Not even two weeks later did I get a call from Daniel, telling me he was thinking about coming out to CA (at the time he lived in Jersey) to visit a friend and maybe stop in San Diego.

The other big ticket item I attracted (and received) to Daniel and I was our town home, the one we currently reside in and have made home. We were just about ready to give up trying to find a new place that would allow two big shepherd mixes until the morning of, I decided to write down exactly what we needed. That list included at least 1000 sq feet, two bedrooms, multiple bathrooms, less than $2400/mo (we’re in California people, we pay for weather), a patio and garage.

Right when we were about to throw in the towel we agreed to give it one more day and see a few more places. And alas, here we are in our town home with all that I listed and more.

Now as of what I manifested in the last two weeks… well I’m pretty convinced that when you put pen to paper, it is MAGIC.
I attracted a new job, but not just ANY job.

Let me back track just a bit. I’ve been ‘job hunting’ and by hunting I mean, job picking (because I do not want to get a job where I don’t even want to go) for the last few weeks. Yes, I work from home with my side hustle, but ya’ll Ive been working from home for 6 years. I need to get out and meet people, adjust to this new area, make friends and make sure I don’t slip into the awkward anti-social trap of being an entrepreneur.

I wrote down EXACTLY what I wanted; ‘flexible job thats meaningful, close by, fun, with good coworkers, great pay and something I’m passionate about’. Then, I forgot I ever wrote it, and a week went by. I got a call back for a local Italian bistro and figured, eh why not. After one day though, I knew that I didn’t want to serve again. As much as I love interacting with people, that wasn’t the right scene. Being the Craigslist stalker that I am in the job section over the last several weeks, I came across a gym called Total Training. I figured best to take in my resume and just go for it. I’m happy to share I’ve been in training this last week and absolutely loving it.

The more recent {FAST} attraction was our wedding decor. We are doing a Gatsby themed wedding as many of you know, but I was honestly not thrilled to be putting together centerpieces or the alter (big feather boas I’d need to order from China and piece together). So I wrote down in my gratitude journal, “I’m so happy and grateful that we have found our feather boas and that our wedding decor is coming together”. Later that day, I got an intuitive nudge that said ‘search Craigslist for Gatsby decor’ and I did.

A school fundraiser had just finished their Gatsby themed event and needed to get rid of their decor. Amazing right?!

And I know what some of you may be thinking, ‘just because you think about it, and look for it and its there doesn’t mean anything’ trust me, I use to think this way too.

But I learned something. And that something is this:

You can act as if everything is a miracle, or nothing at all. Life is what you decide to make it. And it IS a decision and you are making it everyday.

But there is one universal fact, and that is everything is energy and energy is a magnet that attracts likeness to it.

Have you ever noticed that if you’re having a ‘bad day’ you tend to keep experiencing shitty things? Its because your energy is vibrating at that frequency, attracting and making you more aware and attune to negative things and experiences.

Act As if



Have you ever noticed that when you are having a great day, things just line up? Front row parking, free smoothie, a check in the mail for $100.

If you have NEVER experienced that, your vibration has probably been so low, you can’t even open yourself to the awareness it COULD be better. It’s similar to standing at the bottom of a mountain and not seeing the view from the top. When you’re at the top, you can see from a birds eye view that you didn’t have at the bottom.

So here’s how you can start to change your frequency and align yourself with what you want to attract.


QUICK DISCLAIMER: Don’t SHAME or GUILT yourself for your feelings, whether good or ‘bad’. Feelings and emotions are messengers with a story, sometimes the stories are total and utter BS created by the ego to protect you from what you may view as harm or fear. Which we all know that we can fester on something we are afraid of that has even’t happened. Silly isn’t it?

Allow yourself to feel whatever emotion you are experiencing and question its validity of truth to your life. You’ll start to see a stark contrast of your ego and intuitive true self.

  1. Think about what you desire. If you’re not sure what you want, ask yourself this, ‘if I did know what I want, what would I want to ultimately feel?’
  2. Visualize what you desire, or the feelings you want to have. Really feel it, allow it to be a present reality. This is where your imagination comes in. If you haven’t used your imagination regularly since you were a kid, this may be a bit difficult however, just like anything, if you use it more, it will grow (like working out a muscle). I ask God to bless me with this ‘or something better’ through meditation/prayer.
  3. Write it down. Write down what you desire, your intentions, what you feel that this will give you.
  4. Let it go. As in close your journal and move on with your day. Don’t obsess or try to control the outcome. 
  5. Be ready to receive it when it comes. It may not come in the form you expected or imagined, or it might be exactly that, OR something even better.

I assure you, its as simple {albeit may not feel easy sometimes} as visualizing it, feeling it, writing it down/praying/meditating, letting it go, and receiving it.

Try it, tell me how it goes and be ready for some amazing stuff to happen!