Women’s Gym Must Haves – What’s in My Gym Bag?

When it comes to fitness, going to the gym, and making sure you’re ready to make the most out of your workout, there’s a few essentials for us ladies. I’m going to give you a bare basics list and then some added bonuses that I like. Gym Must haves float around all over the internet, but I like to think of myself as the frugal fitness fairy and make sure that I share with you my go to items for fitness and saving a few bucks.

First thing first. Headphones. Ear buds. Music. It’s key. It’s the difference between having an ‘eh’ workout and a HELL YES workout. I’ve tried the Beats, the buds and the over the ear version. I wasn’t impressed, especially with how much they cost.

My first GYM MUST HAVE: I honestly enjoy, and love these TrebLab ear buds 100x more, and here’s why: treblab ear buds

  1. They are super comfortable especially if you have small ears like myself.
  2. Bluetooth
  3. Great sound quality.




Next GYM MUST HAVE: supplements. When it comes to getting a kick ass workout, I NEVER, I repeat, NEVER forget my pre workout routine.

And NO I do NOT take pre-workout.

preworkout rot

I use to have pretty bad anxiety and over did it on pre-workout years ago and turned into a chaotic energizer bunny. I can’t really take it anymore or the anx comes back and I can’t catch my breath.

Instead I take 3 things before my workout: (to order the fiBlenderBottleProStakrst two powerful organic, all natural superfood supplements, please contact me to order. I personally buy from my supplement product partner and can help you get a discount).

  1. Metabolic One – think of this like an all natural metabolism booster
  2. Adapt – think of this like an all natural fat burner and energy enhancer
  3. Amino blend

And I take *BONUS* Electrolytes (called Hydrate) during my workout to replenish my cells and help them contract better.



Next GYM MUST HAVE: I like THIS water bottle / shaker bottle. The top piece is great for your water and/or electrolytes and the bottom half that screws off can hold your post protein workout powder. If you’d like this bottle, ask me how to get it at a discount!

GYM MUST HAVE: Protein baby! My go to post protein workout shake is this Garden of Life meal replacement with this vegan protein powder. Yes, I mix BOTH! I like to have about 30grams of protein post workout and about 10 grams of carbs. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the taste of these two and as a former Shakeology lover and drinker, these two make an impeccable substitute.

organic vegan protein powder organic vegan meal replacement










Last, but not least, during my workout I like to use THESE wrist straps especially if I’m using heavier weight and want to focus less on my grip and don’t want my forearms to fatigue. I find that my forearms need to be a bit stronger with some shoulder  and back workouts and that’s where wrist straps come in handy! pink wrist straps

BONUS!! Now if you really want a good way to recover I personally LOVEEEE the Fascia Blaster. This beautiful tool not only helps the connective tissue (aka fascia) restore to its healthy functioning, but also helps the structure (and thus appearance) of cellulite, stretch marks, improper alignment, and basic fundamental movement. Some days I prefer to fascia blast vs. workout because my body functions 1000x better when I care for it. I will be doing a Fascia Blast review in an upcoming blog post.

Last little bonus for you… if I need to drop water weight around my core, I will use a sweat band along with a thermogenic like this Sweet Sweat during my cardio sessions. This will help eliminate toxins through the skin, but also help you drop a bit of bloat and/or water weight in the midsection. So if you have an important event coming up that you need a smaller core for, this is a great way to ‘short cut’ for short term results. I hope this has been helpful! If you have questions, just reach out! 🙂

sweet sweat waist sweat band

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