30 Minute Full Body Workout I Dumbbell Only


I LOVE this workout! It’s fast, fun, and challenging. The recipe to get that workout done with the upmost results! Here’s the basic format:

5 exercises / aka moves

3 rounds

Each time you do a new round, add on two repetitions of each exercise.

For example;

Round 1 – 10 reps per exercise.

Round 2 – 12 reps per exercise.

Round 3 – 14-15 reps per exercise. 

This workout is comprised of compound movement, meaning you are working more than two major muscle groups per movement. WHY? For maximum effort and results during the 30 minutes!

Round 1: 10 Reps per exercise/movement. 

Single leg deadlift to curl to press – Right leg 10 x & Left Leg 10x. Keep your head in line with your spine, micro-bend in your knee. Keep your eyes focused on something that is not moving to hold your balance. When moving into the deadlift portion, only go as far as you can without discomfort or lower back pain.  Then keep your elbows pinned to your waist, curl the weights up and squeeze your biceps, rotate your wrist and palms into an overhead press.

Lunge to L raise – Right leg 10x & Left leg 10x. Stationary lunges and make an ‘L’ shape with your arms. It helps to do opposite arm forward with opposite leg forward.

Alternating chest press in a glute bridge. Press the weights wide and narrow to count as 1 rep. Keep your hips lifted, glutes engaged, core tight. 10 Reps!

Wide renegade plank row – Row right arm and left arm for a total of 1 rep. 10 Reps! Keep your feet wide in that high plank position, rowing the weight with a 90 degree bend in your elbow.

Sumo squat tricep extensions – Get nice and low, feet and knees pointing out. Tuck your pelvis in, and squat down. Keep your elbows close together,  and in line with  your shoulders. Your biceps should be by your ears! Do not let your elbows wander out.

Repeat the entire workout 2 more times and add on 2 more reps each round! Then add in the 4 min ab burn out at the end of Round 3!

Have fun and let me know what your workout was like!

In health, love and transformation <3



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