Core & Glute {Focused} Workout

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This weeks workout is a Core and Glute Focused Workout! I felt my butt telling me it needed to be worked, and focused on. I swear my body intuition is on point these days.

More on that in another video and blog later!

Warm Up:


Glute Activation:

1 min per exercise / Resistance bands and/or booty bands: I used two different resistance so I could keep my reps higher and not fatigue too soon.


  1. Low Squat Side Steps 3 steps to the right and left
  2. Forward and back low squat walks 3-4 steps to the front, and 3-4 steps back.
  3. In and Out Jumps
  4. Low squat single leg step forward and back – 30 Seconds on the right and 30 seconds on the left
  5. Jumping Jacks


Stretch and Core Activation


  1. Childs pose (switch out arms for deeper lat stretch)
  2. Cat/Cow pose – curl your spine and and breath out, extend your spine into cow and breath in.
  3. Bird Dog – 30 seconds on each side – when you extend your right arm out, extend your left arm back and breath in, then bring them to your core and breath out.
  4. Laying down swimmers – alternate opposite arm to leg. On the extension, breath in and when you relax, breath out.
  5. Supermans
  6. Lying down low back extension
  7. Core Roll Ups – use the power of your abdominals to pull you up and lower you down. GO SLOW!


Glute & Core Workout:


  1. Lying down leg lifts – 8 reps each leg without ankle weights (toes pointing down, ankle up)
  2. Lying down leg lifts with knee up – 8 reps each leg without ankle weights (toes pointing down lower your leg then bring your knee close to your chest)
  3. Repeat above exercises with ankle weights on both legs (2.5-5lbs per leg)
  4. Table Top Leg Lifts – 10-12 reps – keep your hips square to the ground for the following exercises.
  5. Donkey Kicks – 10 reps per leg
  6. Fire Hydrants – 10 reps per leg
  7. Fire Hydrants with leg extension – 10 reps per leg
  8. Plank leg lifts (no weight) – 8 reps per leg
  9. Down Dog Leg Lifts – 8 reps per leg
  10. 20 Curtsey Lunges per leg (light or no weight)
  11. Side Hip Ups (weight optional) 10 reps per side
  12. W Roll Outs on the Ab Dolly – 12-15 “W’s” total
  13. Plank Sliders – 10-12 reps – with both legs together, slide knees into your chest, then circle your legs out and away from each other.
  14. Hi and Low Plank Ab Tucks  – totally looks like humping the air but majorly targets the lower abs aka POOCH area! Think about rotating your hips in a half circle motion.


Repeat this as many times as you like or mix and match what you want to do!


If you don’t have an ab dolly or sliders, consider buying them or requesting them at your gym!


Ab Dolly :


Ankle Weights:

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