The Flu is NOT a Season – How to Survive the Holidays!

What is up my beautiful people. I hope you are all well! The last few weeks have been nothin’ short of crazy busy and fun, but I have been so inspired to write so many different blog posts for you this week so let’s see where we end up shall we?!

I want to talk about a controversial topic that has a lot of back lash and is sure to ruffle some feathers. My life lacks drama so I don’t mind if this doesn’t butter everyones muffin.

Flu Season or what I like to refer as Bo-shit.

And NO I don’t think this because I went to one Unleash the Power Within Tony Robbin’s seminar, albeit it had my wheels turning, but also I took my year long certification with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in 2016 and we talked a lot about how seasons affect our habits when it comes to health.

Flu. Common Cold. Virus. Whatever you refer to it as, it’s not fun and usually lasts about a week until it runs its course and goes away. Well, if you’re a pretty healthy person and can take a break from work and extra curricular activities. And if you’re not able to, and you don’t load up on homeopathic remedies you may keep that cold for 2 weeks and it could turn to bronchitis or some other severe sickness.

But why does this happen?

I know ‘Flu Season’ is not a season. I’m pretty sure if you google ‘what are the seasons…’ Flu does not come up after summer.

People get sick year round. How can you prevent yourself from getting sick AND what can you do when you get sick to avoid the symptoms that make you feel like a bobble head?!

It’s no coincidence that during the holiday months (October-February) that temperatures drop (unless you’re in Southern California, Florida and other southern states — this typically tends to be our hottest time of the year), people get ahem…a bit lazy with their nutrition and workouts, more stressed, less sunlight, and often swap water for pumpkin spice lattes.

Judging from my Facebook feed, I’d say that about 80% or more of my friends and extended acquaintances LOVE fall. It’s the COZY time of year. Everyone (mostly women) are

in a baking frenzy, and decorating their homes. I get it. I love it too. I have two pumpkin candles burning almost everyday and I’ve already tried not ONE, but TWO pumpkin protein muffins that were complete and epic fails.

Not only that, but most of us are aware that Christmas is around the corner, possibly facing that our lease is almost up on our rentals (unless you own) and know that financial expenditure are about to increase during tax time.

Mix that in with stress, subtract water, sunlight, and add a pinch of chaos and VOILA! you have the perfect recipe for a weak immune system that is prey to floating viruses.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter how healthy you are or how strong your immune system you may be is if the virus is making its way through. Sometimes you just gotta suck it up, and over dose on the healthy stuff to get back to normal asap.

AND… Yes, thank goodness, there is a way to remedy and prevent the bobble head cold.

PSST! I do NOT get a flu shot, EVER! I refuse. I haven’t had the flu since I was a kid and if I do get sick, it is only for a few short days because the following guideline I’m about to give you really FREAKIN’ works!

Here are FIVE SIMPLE WAYS to stay on top of your Immunity this holiday season!

  1. Track Your Fluids – including daily water intake, add in a low sugar kombucha once a week, and a variety of ginger, lemon, echinacea teas. You can download some nifty tracking apps that will send you alerts and reminders or use MyFitnessPal! I like to add in Kombucha’s such as Cayenne Cleanse and Ginger Lemon.
  2. Take a Multi-Vitamin that’s packed with other natural ingredients like sea vegetables, wheat grass, vitamin D (for decreased sun exposure) and antioxidants. I use THIS one for all my vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidant and superfood needs! BONUS if you take a PROBIOTIC and SILVER SPRAY!
  3. Start Meditating and visualize your ideal health and energy levels!  Check out the app for 10% Happier by Dan Harris (ABC News anchor and fellow natural skeptic on most things)!
  4. Include 15 minute HIIT workouts in the morning to boost your metabolism, and get in some exercise. Follow my fitness channel on Youtube for FREE weekly workouts!
  5. Swap sugary baked treats for healthier options. Find blogs and websites focused on healthier substitutes when it comes to baking. Some of my favorite are and

If you’re already sick, I suggest drinking tons of water, herbal teas, swallowing honey with apple cider vinegar, and relaxing! Sometimes you have to let it run its course ya know? Also I DO NOT workout while I’m sick, I relax and let my body do the healing/fighting it needs to. Do you workout when you’re sick?

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