10 Ways I Got Healthier In My Twenties

10 Ways I Got Healthier In My Twenties:

I’m going to keep this intro short and sweet babes. Sometimes ‘micro blogging’ is much easier for the both of us ya know? Here’s 10 things I’m SO glad I’ve done in my twenties (although, Im still 28…) to be healthier mentally, emotionally, physically and financially!

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  1. Personal Exploration and Growth – while this list is in no particular order, this is by far one of the most important topics I’ll touch on. It wasn’t until I took time for myself to learn about what makes me, ME, what I like, don’t like, strengths, weaknesses, that I started to accept myself and love myself for who I am. Through my journey of self exploration and growth, I learned to understand my self limiting beliefs, where they came from, and how to break them. I also learned that although my whole life I was told I was an extrovert, that I was more an extroverted introvert and I value my creative and artistic moments to recharge. Without going overboard on this one section, I highly encourage anyone regardless of age to take a few minutes a day to dedicate to themselves.
  2. Start a Self Care Routine – From skin care routine, to bedtime to morning, I recommend having a routine that will help you age gracefully. Stay tuned on a more detailed future post about my favorite routines. The most important thing when it comes to routine, keep it simple, or else it’s hard to create the habit.
  3. Started a home based business – Becoming financially independent, my own boss, and having a home based business leveld up my work ethic, creative skills, and networking abilities like no other. Looking back, starting a home based business led me to a deeper spiritual walk and practice along with meeting amazing people who became my family.
  4. Made working out a habitual priority – You’re on a fitness blog, so of course fitness is an obvious strategy for being healthy. With the feel good endorphins, the discipline to push past my comfort zone to acheive results, it also taught me that this can be the toughest habit for twenty somethings to create and keep. Making fitness apart of your weekly routine will drastically determine the quality of your life forever.
  5. Learned to Cook – While this wasn’t easy, it was worth it. I did not learn to cook until I was 18 and out of the house. I started small with basic recipes (mostly pasta since its hard to mess up), and once I got the hang of it, I incorporated more pots, pans, ingredients, and ideas into the kitchen. I’m still learning!
  6. Made meal prep a priority – Once I learned to cook, I learned that having prepared food through out the week would help me reach my goals much faster because it would eliminte the option of eating out, and deviate any delicious distractions from my focus. Although Im a work in progress, meal prep is one of the hardest muscles and habits to work on, but always worth it.
  7. Unplugged from social media – I took a major social media hiatus for about 6 months, and it was probably the best thing I could have done for my brain. I needed to get out of the comparison mindset, unplug from others and re-plug back into myself. With all the extra time I had, I was able to spend it figuring out what I really wanted for my future without being influenced by others lives.
  8. Got Out of Debt – By the time I was 21, I had 22k in debt, from college, to stupid decisions to shopping. Paying off my debt, not once, not twice, but three times helped me realize that debt is a two sided coin. Debt from stupid decisions should be avoided at all costs (pun intended) and debt from important things like education (personal growth, business tools) can be helpful and a great motivator to push yourself to learn how to earn more money.
  9. Tracked my transformation – I’m glad I’ve taken progress pictures over the years, from fitness shots, to measurements to journaling. I’ve always tracked myself naturally because I’m curious about how and where I’m growing. I’ve got a few journals I can flip back to to go back in time and see how far I’ve come. Along with tons of progress photos to be proud of! 
  10. Started to Meditate and Pray – Last but certainly not least is meditating and prayer. As I mentioned earlier, my online business led me to a deeper spiritual digging. I realized that running a business is a lot more than balck and white, and God is in the details. Growing up in the church was actually quite the turn off and I fell away from any sort of attendance in my twenties (I still do not attend.. Another story for another day). But I found that business without faith, is like trying to fly without wings, or eating food without taste.. Best and weirdest analogies. Simply, business without faith in God, the Higher Power, is probably a business that won’t survive. I also realized that balancing my personal life, with business would require a whole new level of patience, understanding, and grace as I learned new and intimidating skills. I made meditation, visualization and prayer a big part of my mental and emotional health. When I don’t pray and meditate, I feel emotionally fat (overflowing with ‘what ifs’, doubts, uncertainty), as well as spiritually starved (what is my bigger purpose?).

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