Is Network Marketing Right For You?

How do you know if Network Marketing is for you? First, it is NOT for everyone. I do believe anyone can do it with a coachable mindset, but it does not mean everyone WANTS to do it.

So how do you know if its for you? There is one simple answer to this, and I’ll share that in a moment. I’d like to briefly touch on the very basic, nonjudgemental, explanation of network marketing.

Network marketing or Multi-Level Marketing is simply this; a company that offers two things; products (at a discount for business owners/distrubutors) and an opportunity to earn money by helping people get the products and/or get involved in the opportunity.

Network marketing came onto the financial business scene back in the 70s when California Vitamin Company realized that if they incentivized their sales force to bring on MORE sales force to advertise and market the products, they could compensate them on their efforts.side hustle

The two top distributors, Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos ended up branching off and creating their own company in 1959 known as Amway. Yes, that soap and toilet paper your parents use to sell.

The success of Amway paved the way and provided a platform for other network marketing companies to be born. Albeit, some companies did not always operate with integrity, and failed, however that theme is known among other industries like law, real estate, and even the stock market.

I know some people have bought into the whole ‘pyramid scheme’ stigma that has haunted the industry, but since network marketing has gained so much traction and popularity as the ideal solution to adding another stream of income, the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) has carefully examined and regulated it over the last two decades.

Now more than ever people are joining a Network Marketing Company.boss babe quotes

In fact, I think that if anything, people are joining left and right, not being properly trained on how to BUILD relationships (vs building a business) and have bought into the lottery ticket mindset that if the next 5 people they show it to don’t join, that it doesn’t work. YIKES. But more on that towards the bottom of this post.

What is YOUR Plan B?

Let me ask you this, with the way inflation is, and people getting out of college and NOT finding a career in their desired field, along with debt in the form of school loans, cars and a family, how long can you trade your hours for dollars? One income households are no longer a viable option. Two income households are barely making ends meet. Now more than ever, we’ve seen full time employees join Uber, Lyft, Rover, and other side hustles to make ends meet. entrepreneur quotes

Times have CHANGED. And will continue to do so. So if you don’t have a Plan B in effect for creating residual income then those dreams of retirement, traveling to other countries and giving your future family a different life than what you had is not going to in your grasp.

So whether you consider network marketing a liable option for Plan B or not, there’s no doubt you need to figure out how to make residual and semi-passive income your main priority over the next 3-5 years.

So let’s get back to the very question that you want answered.

How do you know if network marketing is right for you?

YOU HAVE TO GIVE IT A CHANCE. You only know if you DO it. 

And I mean, a REAL chance. I’m talking a commitment for one year, not 2 weeks or 30 days or even 90 days. A full freakin year. That would be like saying, “Im going to workout for 2 weeks and if I don’t get a hot body, then it just didn’t work for me’ That truly makes me LAUGH OUT LOUD.

My bet is that if you give it a REAL damn good effort for ONE YEAR you will find that it DOES work for you because you WORKED FOR IT!

That is the only way to know if its right for you. If you need another analogy, let me ask ya, do you remember learning to drive? At some point, did you think to yourself, ‘Nope, I’m just not cut out for this?’ Not likely, and if you did give up on driving, then dude, for real? Don’t be caught #helpless or #hopeless and stay stuck in your ways.

If you haven’t had a chance to read the second part of this blog post about What To Look For In A Network Marketing Company then head on over!

I’m passionate about helping people realize that there’s a better way to live. I know what it was like before I had residual income, before I was apart of a positive influential community who cared about my success and growth, and before I went on vacation at least once a year! 

It’s my duty and mission to help guide people to a better life. And I hope that means YOU!

Want to learn more about how you and I can work together? Curious about what company I’ve chosen to grow and invest in? Let’s talk. Reach out HERE.



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