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I remember from the ripe young age of 8 watching Denise Austin on TV in the morning before school. She had what I considered the PERFECT job. She became a role model I looked up to, and I knew that one day I’d do what she was doing.

And although times have changed, and fitness role models are found less on morning Lifetime TV and more on social media, the goal has been the same. My journey so far has ebbed and flowed around this ideal career path of not only being in fitness and health, but inspiring aspiring women carve out their best self. As I’ve contemplated other careers in my life, I’ve always come back to health, fitness and helping people find and create happiness through their own sweat, determination and goals.

When I finally came to the realization that no one else was responsible for making my dreams come true, I started to grow into the woman I dreamt of as a little girl. Not Denise Austin, but me, the TRUE me. That’s when I decided to do a 180 with my life and do whatever it takes to make it happen.

I’m a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and Certified Group Fitness Instructor.

I offer one on one coaching programs that explore holistic wellness with respect to nutrition, exercise, career and relationship fulfillment.

I host (& participate) quarterly fitness group coaching complete with fitness blueprints for your body type, a private online Facebook community, supplementation suggestions and prizes!

If you are interested in learning more about either, please fill out this survey below and I will be in touch! Until then, you can find tons of free valuable information, tips, laughs and entertainment on my Youtube Channel πŸ™‚

In Health, Love and Transformation,

Abby Marie


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