The Girl Behind the Screen

Hi you! Nice to ‘meet’ you. I’m a twenty something blogger that hails from Southern California who enjoys chocolate chip pancakes, puppies, adventure, blogging, sweating and sculpting to 70s funk, creating strategies and solutions to life’s opportunities, and waking up saying ‘HEAVENS YES’ cuz life’s a PARTY and I’m here to DANCE baby!

I’m certified as a health coach with the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, an ACE certified Group Fitness Instructor and enjoy pouring my time and energy into building a business and message about learning life skills of empowerment so that everyday we wake up we can perpetuate the ripple effect of positivity, be aligned with the Laws of the Universe and use our mind as an ally and not a foe.

I truly believe that we all have ‘The Voices’ in our head, one that is like a small child and the other like the person you want to become. Neither is inherently better than the other unless we make it so, and truth be told, there’s two sides to every coin. Think of your hands – there’s a back AND a front. Think of the heart, theres a LEFT and RIGHT ventricle. There’s a yin to every yang. It’s the Law of Polarity, and its a beautiful thing.

Those two voices in our heads are coachable by the faculties of our mind. Sometimes the small child yells at you out of fear or pushes you to try something new, and sometimes the adult side of you is the one holding you back. The sooner you tune into your inherent powers of intuition and can recognize if you are operating out of fear or faith and love, the sooner you can start to deconstruct the limiting beliefs you’ve held onto as a perceived comfort zone. And the sooner you can build NEW empower beliefs to get that ISH done! *Whatever ISH you want!

& thats what’s been happening to me ever since I started to become aware little by little that I have something each one of us has, and that is choice. When I was 21 years old, I knew I wanted a divorce, I was 22k in debt, and I was waiting on tables and waiting on my God-given purpose to slap me upside the head like people wait for a lottery ticket to relieve them of their financial woes.

Oh, and yeah, I was also irritable, lost, and inwardly angry with myself.

Change never looked so good. I wanted a life overhaul. I wanted a makeover. I needed a second chance. The good thing about life is you can make the next moment, YOUR moment for change. You don’t need to wait for Monday or New Years, you can start RIGHT NOW.

So step by step on the stair case I climbed. I didn’t see the whole thing, but I kept going because I knew if I kept listening to that small voice of intuition as my compass, I’d eventually see the North Star.

I started my first home business helping people lose weight, get healthy, and did so myself. It was my first real taste of network marketing (aside from that two month stint doing Mary Kay as a 17 year old swearing I’d be my own boss one day), and I fell in love with personal growth and development, leadership, and inspiring others to love themselves too. I paid off my debts, I struggled and triumphed through heart aches, and then eventually parted ways to discover the next stepping stone.

It was certainly a turning point in my life to immerse myself into learning what it meant to CREATE a life that wasn’t just following a path that was decided for me –  I dropped out of college, got a divorce, and started a business. Pretty much the OPPOSITE of whats expected post high school graduation. But every moment was worth it because its molded the ME who is writing this now.

So without further adieu, WELCOME to my blog and use this and me as motivation, a guide, and a safe place to learn. Create the life you love, and grow into the person you dare to dream to become.

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