When Opportunity Knocks…

It’s said that millionaires have 7 streams of income. Whether you want to be a millionaire or not, I know from personal experience that having ONE stream of income is like playing financial Russian Roulette. It has left me vulnerable, anxious and strapped at times. Once I diversified my income and merged it with my passion for helping people (like you reading this) I payed off 22k in debt, became the healthiest I have ever been, and finally broke into the 6 figures I had dreamed of. All because I took a chance and bet on myself.

If you’re interested in multiple streams of income as the CEO – Chief Executive Officer without strings attached like overhead, payroll, a product line and distribution, but want to help yourself and family become financially independent while educating others on whole health and life wellness, fill out the form below. You don’t need to be a nutritionist, healer or seasoned business owner (while all those are great) to succeed. You just need to bet on yourself and take the same chance I did a few years ago.

If you’ve read ‘The Girl Behind the Screen’ to get to know who I am a bit more, you’ll see that my passion for time and financial freedom is also a high priority.

The road to success can be scary if you do it alone. 

Luckily, you don’t have to! In fact, I find that luck is smart work meeting opportunity. And if you are ready to work smart and you’ve been looking for opportunity, then THIS IS IT.

I’m looking for a very specific person.

We’re all busy, and I value your time, as I ask that you value mine. So if you feel that you do NOT meet the criteria below, please know that I’m here to inspire you in other ways, however if you DO meet the criteria below, enter your information below, and select a date and time that we can speak on the phone.

If you : 

♡ are Coachable – meaning you can take advice, follow suggestions, and commit to the process // and know that I got your BEST interest at heart!

♡ have a burning desire to create SMART success (and not stressed chaos) of time and financial freedom, and willing to put focused growth for 3-5 years of learning new skills, cultivating a better mindset, and shifting current paradigms that have been holding you back.

You KNOW there’s a better way to create higher levels of income, a BIGGER impact, feeling GOOD about it and helping others in the process.

♡ You have a genuine interest in health from a holistic perspective, believe that ‘food is thy medicine’ and that God has given us the natural ingredients in our ecosystem to thrive and heal!

♡ You have FAITH that life is FOR you, not against you. You don’t let your excuses hold you back, you embrace the challenges and believe that it’s all part of your story.


I’m 100% committed to helping me and my tribe of  entrepreneur pioneers create a story and journey that helps them achieve their goals and dreams in life. 

What we have is SPECIAL … 

  • Products that are in demand, organic, pure, potent and practical that deliver results fast- so people want to reorder monthly
  • A simple system that is highly duplicatable & leadership to help you establish your home office and online business fast.
  • A compensation plan that truly sets you up for success no matter who you join under, so say goodbye to that glass ceiling!
  • All team tools, support, and systems are provided for you and all are FREE.
  • Work with a debt free company which has grown to over $100 million cumulative in sales over the last 8 years and is on track to earn $1 Billion in sales by 2020 – we’re just getting started! 😉 
  • Access to product and team training where you can educate yourself on running a successful business in your own spare time
  • Private coaching and mentorship with me as well as direct access and support from the top earners in our company
  • Access to my private FB group for additional support as you grow your business
  • Be a part of the fastest growing team with my company and you will not only have me in your corner but also the #1 Income earners globally are my mentors.

So, is this you? Are you ready? Are you ready to join your tribe? 


If so, and you want to know RIGHT AWAY – pick OPTION A… a day and time we can speak on the phone.

OR enter your information in OPTION B to learn more before we speak.

OR do both 🙂




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